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Name: Barry Mechalis

Nicknames: 'Ace'

Age: Total Age: 10,000 - Physical Age Appearance: 19 - Mental Age: 34

Threat Level: 27 (out of 80)
0-19: Low, 20-29: Mild, 30-39: Moderate, 40-49: High, 50-59: Severe, 60-69: Critical, 70-80: Catastrophic)

Current Residence: BRAWLERS Base
Brawler Attribute: Does not own a Bakugan

Guardian Bakugan: (Same as above this)

Personal Quote: "You cannot let your fate be controlled by mere others. It is like the saying goes: 'What are we without the Sky?' as the your Fate open to you."

Appearance: Regardless of his lean muscular build, he's a natural brown haired gijinka with light brown tail, alsatian ears, and having emerald eyes. He is also known to have a Reactor for a Heart, from perhaps an unknown incident that made the reactor shrink to become the heart itself. No one knows what happened to his real heart.
Species: Alsatian Gijinka (AKA German Sheperd)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Clothing: Cargo Pants (Camouflage Paint) And a White Tanktop
Accessories: He wears glasses to associate in fixing his Astygmatism. He also wears a Headband colored Sea Blue and having a watch on his wrist...a classic analog watch. He's always got a Toolbelt on him that carries his own equipment for emergency purposes.

Brief Bio: Ace was an ordinary citizen before meeting Tatyana Austerlitz, a woman who was a companion of the Lost Time Lords as she offered him a deal: If he wanted to come along, he would be given a chance to see both past and future. It was an offer he didn't refuse at all- so he shook her hands.

That is when their relationship began, starting as acquaintances, slowly becoming friends, close friends, and then dating. Even though a Companion normally isn't allowed to fall in love with an outsider, she very much convinced The Time Lords to give her the exception. Hesitantly, they all submit to her wish. It was a Majority Vote to 4/3 leaning to Tati.

Happy with her choice, she was then presented a wedding ring from Ace himself. It was a classy way, but how he proposed to her couldn't be any dorkier, nor cheesier- which is what both liked. Ever since that day, Ace was then presented with the Gift of Immortality by the Time Lords that voted for her to be happy.

Ever since that day, the two have been happily married, meeting iconic figures throughout all of time itself and then making one final stop before their entire lives changed for the worse- the death of Tadashi Hamada.

And thus their time in Bayview began as they each came to the BRAWLERS Base at different times.

Personality: Ace is known to be a chill person as long as he doesn't get provoked too far. Signs will show as he begins to spark before slowly pulling out a small mask (If he's created his project already). That is the Final warning before he puts it on and hell may be opened.

Alignment: Good
Morals: Ace is a man that uses his work for Lawful Good purposes as an Engineer, but on occasion with Good Neutral Purposes as a Spy
Personality: Team Player, sometimes a Lone Wolf if he's upset
Likes: Cheese, Tati (LOVES), Working
Dislikes: Parties (Big ones), Being put down

Group & Affiliations:

Group: B.R.A.W.L.E.R.S

Class: Engineer/Spy

Rank: 1

Affiliations: N/A

Character Stats

(The character stats should be in align with the Threat level of the character. Please keep in mind these stats are out of base 80, so don’t go overboard if your character is new. If your character is a bakugan, then list the stats of the actual bakugan please. If your character is new it is recommended that your threat level is somewhere within mild-moderate. If someone goes above that, unless it’s under rare circumstances, they will be nerfed if their new. As you increase in rank, they will increase as well. (Since your brawler most likely isn’t the strongest person lol) the proportion is as follows:

Speed: 3/10
Intelligence: 6/10
Stamina: 2/10
Strength: 3/10 (4.5/10 with his Mask and Suit on)
Agility: 4/10
Energy/Element projectiles: 3.5/10
Defense: 3/10
Healing Ability: 1/10
Overall Stats: Threat Level 27 In totality with all stat points


-Note that all abilities except his Passive will be locked until his Mask and Suit are complete. NO EXCEPTIONS
<> Will of the Time Lords - A very rare occasion that will happen, as Ace will cause time to fly back two seconds if the occasion rises to a fatal injury upon him. Chances of this are similar to a plane being struck by lightning.

<> Spark Fling [Locked] - If provoked, he is capable of using his own shield as a weapon to paralyze OR fry electronics against him, depending on Energy Output. This will use power from his Reactor as well.

<> Speed Augment [Locked] - Ace will use his reactor heart to spark his own body. The reaction comes at a result of him increasing his running speed, determining his Energy Output (10% - 60%) The effect wears off quickly after [4-7] seconds. This ability is based on Energy Output

<> Phase Barrier [Locked] - Ace will up the ante on his Reactor Usage as it creates a wide barrier made of eneregy that will either disintegrate normal bullets or send enermy power back (Note that this will depend on Energy Output to determine its lasting power and its barrier strength. It cannot move when deployed)

<> EMP (Ultimate [LOCKED] - This will take up a lot of power and energy itself, combining the remaining shield and energy he has into a ball of energy (depending on IF and only IF he's capable of doing such power based on Energy Output (15-50 yards MAX)) In any case if Ace is not careful and uses up too much, he may end up hurting himself in the process and sending him back in a slightly bruised situation (Or badly damaged depending on power)

- Ace suffers from PTSD from over the years of fighting within the Wars over the years. Crazy as it sounds, it's the utter truth as he's got a severe case of 'Shell Shock' in fighting in the fields of Berlin, Kristallnacht, while remembering the nights and days of fighting in Egypt in Operation TORCH, to siege the city of Tobruk.

- He can sometimes get Hotheaded about the situation and tend to forget to keep his cool.

-Losing Tatyana. His heart would break if he ever lost her.
DaC Profile of Barry 'Ace' Mechalis
This is for DaC Folks. :meow: Nothing to see here, move along X3
Now guys and gals, I will be honest. I thought Patreon was a more complex version of PayPal for Commissions, I'll let you know down below. Now, Patreon is this Artist's Website that offers this Commissions deal that will let you set up Milestones to begin yourself and through the challenges ahead. Not many see it that way, and many choose to keep their reasoning a hidden sense. But the point of Patreon is to give you a more personal appeal and to give you real money either per art or per month.

Now with that out of the way, I've decided to make my own for such an occasion. And believe me, my reasons are legit, they're not fake, false, whatever...please keep in mind that this will be where commissions are put up and then later put on dA. 

Wow, short entry is short, but I don't care. Please help a guy out at least. ^^; Support whenever.
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Little Wolf Puppy
How you survive in the world
and stay to mother

Shows that life is worth
Instead of being alone
and without a ma

A lost kind father
Gives the young Wolf Puppy
No clue to Survive

Without his guidance
Life feels now forever lost
Without his Father

But he's not alone
He has a great family
One that watches him

Grow to be proper
And Correct his own mistakes
Teaching him the right

To this very day
This Very Little Wolf Pup
Became a young Wolf

Thanks to the Support
of his powerful but fun
friends that watched him grow
The Story of one Wolf
As to do something for Haiku Poetry Day here on dA, I wanted to present not a simple Haiku...but rather multiple Haikus that make up a summarized story. When you look at this closely, you'll realize something about this story- one that shows that the Wolf resembles a person.
Akara for Topia by Frozenvolf
Akara for Topia
SO yeah, this is my newest character and...well a Mouse Gijinka. What is a Gijinka you ask? Well basically it's a Humanized Anthro that is mostly human but has Animalistic Parts of one breed...or a hybrid depending on y'all. 

But yes, this is Akara and she is perhaps my greatest creation, feeling proud of what I have done lately. (And for those reading SC: The Journey, I will get back to that. I've have a long Writer's Block going on and I want it gone. =n=) So here are her stats:

Name: Akara (no last name for now)
Gender: F
Race: Mouse Gijinka
Age: 22
Skin Color: light Desert Tan with darker shade of brown for ears and tail
Preferred Clothing: Loose and slightly matching Jin Kazama's (Reference)
Likes: Meeting New faces, practicing, stretching, dancing, Loose Clothing
Dislikes: Pervs, People wanting her to strip, being locked up
Fears: Claustrophobia, Arachnophobia, Arsonphobia
Hobbies: Sells Fruit Vapor Juices from time to time
Spell Goal: To balance Water Magic with her Martial Arts and become more fluent than before
Style: Capoeira Martial Arts
Attire Appearance: Normally she wears her clothing as shown above since she likes feeling free with her movements instead of them being confined in fancy clothing, which is why she prefers a tank top and two skirt halves, as both give a free breeze (She wears Yoga Shorts underneath for preventing people looking at her lower body and getting that one idea. <<) But nevertheless, she wears her skirt halves with her Ouroboros Chest Tattoo as well as the inscription on her left skirt half. It's translated into "Unbreakable" as said by Tenno, one race she looks up to (even though it's a fake race <u<)

Bio: "Lessons need to be learned the hard way."

Akara is known as the MMA Champion among Gijinkas, those that she has faced have gone down in 2-3 rounds in tenderizing and then coming to deal the final blow. She specializes in swift strikes upon weak points or in strong strikes, hitting anywhere but the head in general. Having a father that didn't care much for her and a mother that was an alcoholic, being like her father, while being an only child. Growing up in a place known as Lompoc, CA, and in a tiny neighborhood she would usually have been beaten by people until enough was enough, seeking a way to find revenge and make them pay. She had found a really unique dojo known as "The Last Strike", which trained students in the form of Last Capoeira. She knew then and there that the time had come to learn from the Master.

Over time, she began growing close to the Master once she underwent serious training and began realizing revenge was just anger that was motivation without purpose. A raw feeling that would only feed from emotion and destroy the mind itself, making her savage. Had she continue the path, that would have happened to her, but she soon found balance in life- to perfect Capoeira as it takes years before she could call herself a master.

Ever since that fateful meeting and meeting her master, she grew up and went on to become the rising MMA Star, starting at the age of 15. Normally it wasn't allowed but  she was an exception due to a favor by the master she learned from. Surprisingly enough, she went on to become the Champion of MMA for six years straight, three of which to defend the title before quitting. This was due to the money she had been given. Without a true purpose for the money, she donated half of what she earned to that neighborhood to make it a better place.

To this day, she fights for what's right and mostly kicking the asses of guys for trying to be pervy, throwing money at her and expecting her to strip, when all she would do is dance/warm-up/practice Capoeira.

Gift given at birth: Water (She doesn't know yet)

Rank I (Initiate)

Akara - (Yours truly)
The entire ship was ablaze in alarms as we were all staying close together to make sure no one was left behind. Down the halls of the Hyperion we ran as they heard the clanking of footsteps behind them, which meant they were slowly getting closer and closer and soon to be captured...or so I thought. Rafa soon quickly finds all of us a room to stay in until it was all over for the most part. All of us scurry into the bay as the clanking footsteps pass all of us, while having a view of space above and on the side. The fact remained that there was a rather nice looking turret on it, ready to be used, which made Aly go to it and strap herself into the cockpit seat.

"WHEEEEEEEEE, Imma shoot the peeps with this!!" She squees, which made all of us chuckle or giggle from that. Suddenly, all of use felt utterly light as we all see the room length widening so fast, as we all go through a dizzying experience, the sound of a sonicboom heard as well as a seeming explosion behind us. All of us had felt it as we were coming close to a rather arid planet.

I grumble and look to it, blinking as my eyes widening; the theory I had in mind was literally right- We were aboard Hyperion and we were coming towards Mar Sara and that meant only one thing- It was the Holdout on the very planet itself from what I can remember, as it seemed that morning had come if we're this close to where they were. I look to Aly and smirk.

"Aly, if you shoot anything that's not metal, You'll get Flamethrower Cuffs made by me!" I say.

This caught her attention as she loved both fire AND shooting things. She looks straight ahead and readies her trigger fingers, ready to take down anything that wasn't metal. In a few seconds, a small holographic map appears as she looks to it, seeing tons of red dots, giving her what looked to be a twisted grin, "IMMA GET THOSE FLAME-Y CUFFS AND I'LL KILL YOU FUCKS!!" She squees and begins firing all over the place, whether in the air or on the ground as she carved a path.

The Intercom starts up again as a really familiar voice is heard, one that I know by heart at this point.

"Glad you could make it Matt. Cutting it kinda close aren't you?"

My eyes widen as I gently tremble, "...It's him...!" I grin, "...Commander James Raynor!!" I squee now.

It was then cut short by the sounds of tons of flyers in Aly's sights. Which was a bad move as she fired down nearly all of them in sight, but good for us as Aly seemed to be just having a blast.

Upon the ground of Mar Sara, anything that was utterly biological and NOT wearing a suit to make it look mechanical was decimated to chunks of their former selves, skewered and strewn across the metal flooring of the base where the Commander was at.

"WHEEEEEEEE!!" Aly squees as she then sees a blue button. She slowly presses it, having a cute face as missiles were fired, annihilating several more flyers from the sky from the impact in the skies above.

I had to chuckle at Aly as she was just having a blast. Slowly enough, that smile faded as Rafa, Emmie, Angy, and I see the door open as well as a gruff guy walk in, red hair, facial hair, orange mechanic equipment and clothing, the whole nine yards. He looks directly at Aly and began walking to her, in which Emmie stopped him.

"Don't even think about it." She said, "She's making more of a dent then those shooting."

"Oh yeh?" The guy snaps, "Prove me wrong."

She then drags the taller guy to the window and then shows the damage she had caused unbelievable damage towards the things crawling below and the chunks of the flyers falling to the ground in such a bloody manner, in which the guy blinks and nods softly.

"Alright fine, I get that your errr...friend is a marksman...but what the hell am I supposed to call you people?"

Rafa looks directly at the guy, "How about Mobians for the sake of chaos?" He growls, "And if you try to grab Aly again, I will give you a lesson worth remembering. The same goes for my girlfriend."

Angy clung to Rafa carefully as Ace stands, "Well you heard the Harewolf and Vixen, sir. Or do I need to step in and have a word too?" I toss up a small cube as it quickly becomes a robotic cougar, growling and snarling to protect.

The guy backs off, "Alright, Alright." He spoke, "...Look, how about we all start over?" He raised an eyebrow, "...Name's Swann. I'm the guy that works with the tech for whom I work with, and that's James..."

I blink and raised a hand, " you mean James Raynor?"

Swann looks at them, "Yes...and how do you know?"

"...It's......a long story."
SC: The Journey pt. 3
Yep! XD I'm continuing this bad boy because this should be good to begin with. And I made Aly herself a badass with that gun because...well I know her a little too well. ewe. ENJOY!!
Now guys and gals, I will be honest. I thought Patreon was a more complex version of PayPal for Commissions, I'll let you know down below. Now, Patreon is this Artist's Website that offers this Commissions deal that will let you set up Milestones to begin yourself and through the challenges ahead. Not many see it that way, and many choose to keep their reasoning a hidden sense. But the point of Patreon is to give you a more personal appeal and to give you real money either per art or per month.

Now with that out of the way, I've decided to make my own for such an occasion. And believe me, my reasons are legit, they're not fake, false, whatever...please keep in mind that this will be where commissions are put up and then later put on dA. 

Wow, short entry is short, but I don't care. Please help a guy out at least. ^^; Support whenever.
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CRITIQUE THIS! by FlameTehLucario
by FlameTehLucario


It's me again, and I must say that YOU'RE IMPROVING GREATLY! In everything that I've seen, you really set the emotion for Lucario, sinc...

The Lily of the Winds by MythAreReal

Alright, I'll be very honest with this. I love how you chose the deer to be a fairy that can hide her wings when she's human. ^^ More i...

SL Cinder Calico by xXStoryWolfXx

When I look at her...I see so much power beyond her eyes. It's almost as if I'm looking at her, when I'm there on Mobius, and she's a h...

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