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("A Hero must never back down, fighting to his or her final breath. Never forget of your ultimate purpose in life as it will be you who will overcome yourself.")

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Even from overhead, aboard the Hyperion, James couldn't believe his eyes that he saw a fourteen foot tall thing come and send all the Zerg away in a single explosion of light. He was still trying to put the pieces together that I could do such a damn thing...and Muln knew about this! Perhaps he was right about me being more powerful than what appearances gave out- and to witness the power of an Azerothian laying waste to the enemies while protecting the civilians- all fifty of them. Tychus comes to the screen slowly as his cigar drops, with him stepping onto it, dumbfounded and shocked.

"What in the hell IS he...?" Tychus mutters, "He ain't all." Muln could only chuckle at their surprised expressions as he could see Ariel doing something on her side and screen. He shook his head as he could only smile- watching the screen as any Zerg that came right at the civilians were eradicated into ash from the light radiating from the Guardian summoned by me. "The An'she's radiance from him astounds me..." Muln grins, "...The only other time I ever witnessed him bringing him out was on record of the Celestial Gods all going against him alone. Timeless Isle's inhabitants, shopkeepers, and Great Emperor could only watch in stupor as he brought out his Guardian. None of them ever expected him to have power of the light as he was once a Death Knight from the moment of losing his wife within the Icecrown Citadel all those years ago, an awakening to what's to come of the future...and to show that the light had never abandoned him even when the influence over him was strong and of the Lich King controlling his every movement."

Matt looked to Muln, "...None of this makes any sense. Are you trying to tell us that Ace is some sort of-"

"God?" Muln now looks at him cross, "...Many have asked that question and assumed he IS a god. Gods can never bleed...nor is he all-powerful. At first, I had assumed he was one- but ever since he told me of that day, I never expected to witness it firsthand that he could decimate entire armies with his Guardian around- The evidence was clear in facing the Twilight Hammer Council and sending Cho'Gall to hell, beneath his very feet when the ground crumbled...and it was within a tall tower of his Citadel, hundreds of feet above the ground and even more so with going into a hidden dragon's chamber. But I rest my case that he isn't a god=like deity that can annihilate those around him- he adapts to use his willpower in order to send a foe into submission. The more there are, the more devastating it gets. And with the Zerg..."


"None will ever survive." He states, as I hold my hammer at the ready, "Let's move. We still have an airport to reach..." He carefully help the little boy to his mother as she looked to me with tearful eyes and a weakened smile.

"Bless you..." She said softly as she watched any charging Zerg come and turn to dust if they got too near. "...I-If you don't mind me asking- who are you...a-and what are you?"

I smiled softly as we all begin walking again, "...My name is Arcanus Mechalis- I am a Paladin of the Silver Hand, A Council Member of the Alliance, and an Azerothian in general...and yes, I know it sounds made up and I look like one of the 'protoss', I think that's what they're called...anyway, I'm trying to say I'm not...I'm a furry and fuzzy Alsatian that can make my own decisions, choices, logics...have smarts, will travel." I grin, "You people were in dire need of an evacuation, courtesy of Dr. Ariel Hanson after she contacted Jim Raynor."

One of the older men look at me with a confused and defying anything that's happening, "And how can we know that you're speaking the god damn truth?" He sneers, "How do we know that you're only saving us to bring us to Arcturus?" Everyone wanted to know which side I belonged to since that was a valid question with how they were saved by an overpowered sumbitch- in which is me. I stop and look to the one that asked me said question, "...Listen to me sir...if you really think I wanted to bring you to the man that imprisoned me and used me for media coverage, just to come back to him and be his pet, then ask me again..." My eyes gently glow emerald, "...So please, ask me again. If you think my question was answered and that you believe that Jim really contacted me, thanks to Dr. Hanson...then please walk with the group, or be left behind for the Zerg to nom your rear." My voice was calm, but I didn't have the patience to deal with assholes like him- nor did I really want to be that person to shut him down like that...but I detested that bastard for locking me up SO MUCH. Thankfully enough, the man walks with us and feeling it was a wrong thing to do and go ask me a question like that- still though...I was basically cross with him for asking if I was friend or foe. I felt bad about that and it led to a memory of my dead wife- so much confusion back then when her body vanished after being granted one wish. I had searched for her entire body all over the world and was utterly devastated- I had been alone...

I suddenly snap out of my stupor to realize we made it to the Airport as I showed a soft smile, "Alright people...we made it to the location. Get in your ships and I'll hold them off for as long as possible."

It was then that the little boy comes to me and gave me a soft hug. I look surprised as I slowly look down, seeing his bright smile, soft black hair, and innocent face. It was then that I realize that this little boy was basically like mine and my wife's unborn son- Morgan. He giggled warmly as I smiled, suddenly hearing a loud roar coming from behind us. I went looking towards the noise, hearing the ground thud every second and a half- this caused the kid to whimper and be scared, clinging to me and gently crying. I couldn't blame the little guy for being so scared as I gently go on a knee and put an armored glove on his head, smiling quietly. I gently bring out a tiny white crystal, "Here...take this and repeat after me..."

The little boy sniffles and looks to the crystal, stopping and then gently grasping it, "O-Okay..." He tried to say as I showed a soft smile, "...I am Brave. I am Strong. I am one with the Light. Say that when Zerg are near...and you and your mother will be protected by the light." I showed a soft smile still before looking to the Guardian, going serious. "Protect these people with your life...I must face this threat alone." I smirk.

The Guardian responds with a soft hum, nodding as the shield phased through me as I walk down the ramp, standing before it and now readying the gift of the Draenei- The Hammer of the Naaru; the owner of such a hammer was of Vindicator Maraad before the passing of his own life to protect Yrel- and never a day passes without thinking back to the Siege of Shattrath nd defending the glorious city and Auchindoun from the Orcs. My gaze went from the Hammer to the towering and hulking figure that had been charging at all of us- what looked like a giant wooly mammoth, minus the fur and dull tusks. Whatever it was, I did what any supposed crazy bastard would do- I charged at it without any remorse. The people were shouting in surprise and demanded why I would do such a thing. That question was soon answered as I clashed against the monstrous Zerg, quickly contesting against it in a battle of dominance, strength, and utter endurance. The creature was slowly losing the fight as I simply twirling around and finally slam it into the ground- the effect caused all of it to quiver and turn into a huge meat shield, in terms of using a pound of flesh to save a life. And from there, the people stood there, believing now that a ray of hope had come to save them all, thanks to Ariel Hanson for calling in Jim Raynor. They all begin to clap and cheer for what I have done for them- satisfied that I wasn't working for Mengsk- not even one bit.

I smiled softly, '...This place may be so damn different...' I think to myself, '...but it also shares so many similarities to home...'
The Swarming Eclipse Chapter 13: A Hero Arises
AND THAT CONCLUDES THE AGRIA ARC! >o<; Whew...I really need to snap things together quicker. Anyway, you guys now have the next decision to where Ace goes for his next mission:

Will he go to Monlyth to snatch another piece of the same artifact found on Mar Sara?

Will he go to Redstone III to help collect rare minerals while avoiding surging tides of lava?

Or will he go to Meinhoff to further help the people he saved from Agria and help Ariel Hanson?

The yours -w- BAI!!

Agria, Zerg, Jim, Matt, Tychus, Ariel - :iconstarcraft2plz:

Muln Earthfury - :iconworldofwarcraftplz:


Minutes after the land, I was walking the refugees to their ships that would take them off this godforsaken planet. You see, I had somehow convinced both James and Dr. Ariel Hanson that I would do this alone and without any help for two exact reasons: For one, It was to demonstrate the full-on capability I could really do as to show WHY I was chosen as a Councilman. And the other, it was to show the people that I would come and escort that I wasn't so damn scary as how Mengsk portrayed me as, with the thought of showing that no one knows me if they haven't truly met me- that was the outline of it all. Even though the adults were nervous about me, the children that were with them were either giddy to see something fluffy, or ask why I was fluffy and had a tail; it was all the same, much like the children in Stormwind and in Pandaria's lands. Both sides are ever so curious as they meet outsiders or friendly faces alike. But how I was able to convince them was by the word of my friend Muln- in which I never knew in the first place to begin with and how he spoke to the two as he asked to show a demonstration to begin with and to show the extent of what power truly is- and as well to have faith in me that I never lost my touch and that I had regained such visibility within the fight to save the Terrans from the Zerg upon Mar Sara, before we left our own selves and boarded Hyperion. Here is what Muln had recorded when he came back to me after the mission.

Aboard the Hyperion ship, mere seconds after I took a ship to enter Agria's atmosphere, Muln comes onto the Bridge and bowed to Matt, James, and Dr. Hanson on the line. "Forgive my intrusion...but I must have a word with you..." His gaze was quite soft, but showed his stern and serious side behind said soft sight. "I must ask of a request- it is in your nature to save your people, I understand much...but I ask that you do not send reinforcements."

James slowly turned to Muln as Matt glared right at him, as Dr. Hanson herself was utterly surprised. "You tryin' to kill your friend out there Muln?" James mutters, "That's suicide!! He can't handle them all, you saw this when he tried to save you on Mar Sara! I still have trouble believing the stories you told me of his conquests." James spouts out, as Muln gently glares right back at him, "How can you be so damn sure he can do this alone? What proof do you have that'll show me any different to what I have said?"

"Dr. Ariel Hanson..." Muln looks to the screen, "...Are there children down there, upon the grounds of Agria?"

She blinks, but her gaze saddened. The reports she received that the road to the ships had gotten so dangerous and how the children had to be left behind so they could live on. She was then told any future traveling escorts were torn apart, as well as any adult that went forth- the fathers and mothers that volunteered to help. The Zerg were utterly merciless in their ravaging and hellish intent for blood. She opened her eyes to Muln, "...There are children down there...but it's so heartbreaking to see them lose their parents to those mindless Zerg. Why must you bring up such a painful and remorse thought?"

"Because Ace lost the chance to be a parent..."

It all became silent as Matt slowly takes a few steps forward. The truth about him that they never heard, comes out.

"He...had lost his wife and their unborn to the undead..." He looks down as his thoughts were on the past, "...the one who took so much from him in the blink of an eye, left him with nothing except the pure and torn loss. Nowadays when I travel with him...whenever he sees a child in trouble, he literally becomes a different unstoppable juggernaut of pure power and determination. I implore you to think this over at least..." His gaze comes back to them, "Let Ace resolve this alone, and for you to see this yourself."

They look at Muln as Tychus walked in, puffing out a smoke from his cigar, having somehow hearing all of that- mainly eavesdropping in the first place. "Ya say this critter can do all of that...and keep his damn cool?" He chuckles softly, "I'd see this happen over two damn marines fighting over some stupid drink, but this? tops the list of stupidity."

"Arcanus has reached the outpost upon Agria." The Adjutant Hologram speaks softly in a smaller screen next to Hanson's, showing a screen of me landing on the ground. This put James in a tough spot to begin with as it was risking not only the lives of Agria, but the trust of Ariel herself. Sadly, if he chose not to believe Muln, it would also mean some sort of conflict- to never know the truth of my true power. He gave a heavy sigh as Tychus begins chugging on a cold one. "I'll take your word for it Muln..." He looks the Tauren as Tychus spits the alcohol he had in his mouth, surprised...UTTERLY surprised, that he was trusting basically complete strangers to help their cause and fight this alone. Ariel looks to James and was confused WHY he would do such a thing in the first place- let alone trust a race he never met before. Suddenly, the alarms blare as pods fly past them and begin heading for Agria. "Damn it, this doesn't look good..." James said as he could only watch. Tychus smirks and resumes drinking the swill he perhaps loved. Muln never lost his gaze towards James. Minutes seem to pass by as the sounds of the Zerg were heard on Ariel Hanson's screen from what SHE had on her side. She could only gasp as everything began falling into place, "......I-Impossible..."

James looks over to the screen again and blinks in curiosity, "...What is?" He asked, just as the ship was hit with a small shockwave. None too lethal or anything serious, but a small 'space' tremor. Muln's serious expression soon shows a soft smirk as Matt looks to the star map.

"What the hell was that?" Tychus looks to Agria as his eyes widened. Matt looks to where Tychus was looking and slowly stood, both having witness to seeing a pillar of light near where I landed- what was causing this to happen? This was utterly new as James looks to Muln in utter curiosity.

"...Now you understand why I wanted you to bear your gaze to the solo mission..." Muln said, "Ace has such power behind him...enough to call upon the will of a powerful guardian."


Upon the ground of Agria, moments before the shockwave, a small boy was curled up and whimpering while the ground quietly shook. He had honestly thought a Hydralisk was gonna get him for good and kill him, as his mother called out to him in sheer terror- while having to think her son would be dead. I had turned my gaze to the little boy out there alone and beginning to be surrounded by the many Zerg. All of a sudden, my memories start playing as I could only see my own dead wife Tatyana and our unborn son Morgan...dead at the hands of the damned. It only left me in a blank state. "...No...Not today!" I shout as I snap out of it, slamming all of my hammer into the ground as it dug into the ground itself to where I was kneeling. "COME FORTH, GUARDIAN OF KINGS!! YOUR ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED!"

Any and all Zerg near the entire group were instantly flung back and turned to dust, burning up all of the flesh and bleaching their bones to simplistic colors of snow itself. All of the refugees huddle together in being so damn scared as to what the hell was happening- in which I couldn't blame as I haven't done this in so long, but to see the results itself showed my Guardian was here behind me, wielding a larger hammer, towering over me by another ten inches, while covered in armor like nobody's business...and glowing gold like the light.

"The Light never forgets the faithful..." It spoke in a deep tone.
The Swarming Eclipse Chapter 12: Guardian of Kings
OH SNAP... I bet no one ever expected that to happen. XD In any case, enjoy! ewe You get to pick up your jaw tho, since I don't know how far it fell to the ground and deeper.

Hanson, Raynor, Findlay, Horner, Hyperion, Zerg, Agria - :iconstarcraft2plz:

Muln - :iconworldofwarcraftplz:

Ace - (Yours truly)

Also err...You get to choose teh music that'll go with the next chapter Cause I don't know which one to specifically choose! GET OFF MY BACK AND GO SH- *BLEEP*
People, I know it's not a big deal to you and all, but to me...coming home to Azeroth makes a life worth it once more. I mean COME THE FUCK ON, I missed playing with friends on WoW and now I have that very opportunity to come back in the next few days! >w< Also, working at Dunkin' Donuts is really great since I can make coffee (Enjoyable), serve it to customers (Even more) and finally hear compliments from time to time (Best part). It may get busy but I really don't give a crap since it's so worth it in the end. qwq Soon enough, I'll be able to come home each day, have fun with friends, come on dA to reply and work on the next chapter, and finally play two of my best characters on WoW:




The game may seem so repetitive, but...enjoying the story and fighting off those that threaten the whole of Azeroth itself, makes it worthwhile in the very end. -w- As well as the storyline that comes with it. From saving a race from extinction (Burning Crusade), to Stopping a King (Wrath of the Lich King), to saving the world (Cataclysm), and stopping an orc mad with power and greed (Mists of Pandaria), there's no better way of playing this...without friends. :meow:

The events that have taken place in The Swarming Eclipse were from place and vivid thinking. Keep that in mind when you see the next few chapters display or speak about locations. <w< Cause they were turning points for Ace.

Anyway, CIAO!! :P
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Well, Flu Season is Here Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls...and you know what it did to me? << It left me speechless...literally, it damaged my voice box in a constricting way of swelling glands. My point that I'm still sick since a week ago and still trying to recover. Luckily with the fever I recently lost, I can go back to work and keep a good mind about it; but that still leaves me with a terrible cough and a half-gone voice- not to mention waking up several times a night because of lucid dreams coming at you in full force.


I am still gonna work on The Swarming Eclipse in case people are curious about it or what will happen to it. I just need to recover enough to actually get in the groove. Basically, you add 2 and 2 together and you get either four if you are smart, or fish if you're very smart. I've also been watching K on Netflix as well as The Seven Deadly Sins- both are good Anime in terms of comedy and action (You'd have to see both to get where I'm going)...

Meliodas's wrath! by christopherkietzke and ...ah fuck, can't find a pic of Neko from "K" -.-;;
"Sir Meliodas AKA Dragon Sin of Wrath"

As for work, I've been at a Dunkin' Donuts and working for almost three weeks. Already, the staff, Managers, and Shift Lead call me "The Strongest Coffee Maker" they've got. ^^;; So err...I've been actually working happily there as each Coffee Order given is done between the moment it's ordered to 2 minutes (Depending on what's needed)

Lately these days, I've been prepping for Season 6 on LoL as Season 5 ended a few days ago- with that said, so much will change...whether many of us like it, or some of us don't. SKT T1's Victory in Berlin for the 2nd time in LCS History is a surprise as it seems like most Teams are Korean. Not that I'm complaining or anything, I don't see what I said as racism, it's just this Team's last victory was in Season 4.

But with that said, it's time for Pre-Season......GAH, I LOVE KINDRED TOO MUCH! >~<Kindred Fanart by daemonstar
(Art belongs to the rightful owner, all rights reserved)

But seriously just...look at the two! O~O Both share the same insight on who will die, as both would actually happen to have different outlooks on how the person will die. Either by peace from Lamb, the one wearing the black wolf mask, or by Chase from Wolf, the one in the White Lamb Mask. A woman-like Lamb...with a Wolf's almost like "Mary had a Little Lamb"'s ditty but with this saying

"And everywhere Lamb went"
"Wolf was sure to Follow"

<< Now don't tell me that would make you shudder just a TINY bit since either of the two could say either quote all the while giving a jolt of excitement! She's the enigmatic icon of Fate's Arrow. If she picks you, you will be hunted down without any remorse. Death doesn't open to her as the two share an empowered Respite. And then there's Nasus

league of legends by Nilsyy
(Same as before, all rights reserved)

Nasus, the Curator of the Sands, and the one holding the child mummy Amumu, is without a doubt a fun character to play as his voice lightly echoes, capable of making you older in a snap, making you fraile even more so, and finally siphoning your life in just ONE strike. 00 ONE STRIKE, with his weapon of choice (I wanna call it a Bardiche because it looks so much like one) He could be your friend as well if you get to know him, but if he sees you as his as he grows in height and strength, siphoning your own strength away, dwindling it to NOTHING.

...Okay I'm good...^^;; I'm done Gushing over these two since they're like my All-Time Favorites since I first started at the end of Season 3 (or was it 4...? <~<;; ) Idfk or remember at this point. All I know is that it's quite fun when you're among friends. Have a good one! ^^

-"No dawn comes...without darkness"

-"Never one..."
-...Without the other"
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As we had arrived to our destination, Planet Agria, I couldn't help but think that this planet looked similar to Azeroth itself since it was lush and green much like the homeland I grew up in- although born different from the rest, I continuously look to the landmass, matching what the Eastern Kingdom had to offer. Beautiful forests down there from the deep space and upon the Flagship of Raynor's Raiders. My look upon Agria was interrupted as Muln gently came towards me with a drink I knew well enough- Honeymint Tea. Its scent alone would warm any spirit up, as it was perfect to me- the right amount of honey with a splash of mint. As much as I wasn't a Tea drinker like my deceased wife...I would always drink this brew in her memory since she never was able to taste its beauty, matching hers in every way. I bowed to Muln and smiled, gently grasping the teacup and looking back to Agria- tasting its succulent splendor after what felt like years of basically sobering from the stuff and then jumping right back in, enjoying its sweet and grand taste. Muln looks to Agria as he soon frowns quietly.

"...Does this planet remind you of home?" He asked quietly, " looks so much like Elwynn Forest?"

I take a deep breath and exhale a sigh, nodding as I sip. "So much time has passed Muln...I've honestly started forgetting what my homeland looked like as well as the faces of the Council themselves- not on purpose though, but with 3 months in misery and hell as well as no contact with the outside world till only a few days ago so please forgive me if I really am so clueless as to what's become of Stormwind..."

He puts a hand on my shoulder and smirked, "...From the look of your King before I landed on Mar was all enough to say that he missed you, as well as the council themselves. You have indeed helped the factions of both Alliance and Horde- even when either refused your aide. You became a paragon of hope that both King Varian Wrynn and Warchief Vol'jin strived so hard to maintain the peace among their lives and with their people fighting against one another. Because of your actions from the moment you lost yourself at the Pit of Saron to the moment you freed Draenor from Gul'dan...they had begun sending each other traded goods to show some sort of peace that was once given to a co-exist when Mount Hyjal was under siege by Archimonde 14 years ago...almost 15 at this point. But my point stand that you've shown that you are never afraid to become who you want to be, even when hope has faded. In the End, you've actually given me hope when the Cataclysm happened when nothing seemed like it would arise from its cavernous depression and disastrous effects upon both countries. Arcanus..never think of yourself so belittled and clueless by those that even these new foes will try to take advantage of you." He then looks to me, "I still remember the day the two of us met, upon the Firelands- neither of us saw eye to eye, until it became clear: It's what Ragnaros wanted us to do to feed him rage."

I blink and stay silent for maybe a few seconds before smiling, definitely remembering such a time when it was the two of us that fought Ragnaros alone, forcing to trust one another in the hellish conditions. It was a damn good fight in the end, when it came to a brilliant and dare I say fun time in battling a giant 'god' within the magma chamber of his home? Yes- YES I will, because that's exactly what it was; and thanks to Muln, my hatred towards the Horde ceased as I had found out they share a common goal with the Alliance that seemed hidden to so many- They want peace just like us. Since that day, five years ago, we had told tales to one another of our heroism. I had actually found out that he had faced Ragnaros before when using a vessel perhaps a few months before our encounter- which surprised me since I had recently left Stranglethorn Vale after the Horde told me to trust in their wisdom, as it was indeed a hell seeing the people dying to the trolls. Why that female troll never came to backstab me was a mystery back then. Nevertheless, I sip the last of my Honeymint Tea as James comes around with an eyebrow raised.

"You know...I couldn't help but overhear..." He blinks, "...but just how powerful are you, Arcanus?"

I couldn't help but smirk quietly, turning to Jim, "To be real honest, power is nothing but a mere illusion, just as freedom is- but it doesn't mean our spirits are with limits. The will to fight for who you desire can take you as far as you want to go- all the while fueling your determination to get it done...demigods...dragons...even fighting a damned power-lust Orc that took down the Lord of the Shado-Pan: Those that are the vanguard to protecting their kin from the darkness in our hearts." I turn to James, "Where I am from, the Council of the Alliance is devised among so many other races that have fought to protect the world from those that dare to try and claim it for their own- I am one of the Council...and I'll demonstrate my power in helping evacuate the location."

"Whoa now, hold your horses..." James raised an eyebrow again, "As much as you make yourself confident, I-"

Muln gave a soft smirk and pats James' shoulder, "It is better to see this than to assume otherwise James Raynor- you will be surprised how one such as Ace here can decimate those around him that he sees an enemy...and if the Zerg are considered enemies then they will perish, one by one."

James ponders this for a moment and slowly thinks it over, whether or not to believe us. I mean think about it, two people able to take down so many all by themselves, let alone just me. Perhaps he would get to see this power in action if he deemed it so. With the Zerg being so damn ferocious, he couldn't really risk this at all with how many friends he's lost to the Zerg- Sarah, Fenix, and Tassadar...all either giving up their lives to keep everyone safe, slain, or abandoned by others. Finally, after careful consideration, he gives in and sighed. " convinced me." He looks to me, "But you've got one shot to fend off the Zerg and rescue the people." He looked at me now all serious- and who could blame him? He wants to save the people from two kinds of hell- Mengsk's and the former love of his life from four years back.

I nod and gently begin preparations. Upon entering the planet's atmosphere, I could feel that today was going to be a rather big challenge- but nevertheless a hell for the Zerg themselves.

The Swarming Eclipse Chapter 11: Oncoming Prep
So now it's come to Ace's first literal mission off-world from Mar Sara and Azeroth. The time has come to demonstrate his potential and witness true strength! Only time will tell what will happen on Agria.

And a subtle note, I've actually come down with a Head Cold and lost my voice in general. So yeah, I am definitely sorry for the long wait for this next chapter- I'll do what I can for the next Chapter.

Hyperion, James, Agria - :iconstarcraft2plz:

Muln, Firelands, Ragnaros, Vol'jin, Varian - :iconworldofwarcraftplz:

Arcanus (Ace) - (Yours truly)
People, I know it's not a big deal to you and all, but to me...coming home to Azeroth makes a life worth it once more. I mean COME THE FUCK ON, I missed playing with friends on WoW and now I have that very opportunity to come back in the next few days! >w< Also, working at Dunkin' Donuts is really great since I can make coffee (Enjoyable), serve it to customers (Even more) and finally hear compliments from time to time (Best part). It may get busy but I really don't give a crap since it's so worth it in the end. qwq Soon enough, I'll be able to come home each day, have fun with friends, come on dA to reply and work on the next chapter, and finally play two of my best characters on WoW:




The game may seem so repetitive, but...enjoying the story and fighting off those that threaten the whole of Azeroth itself, makes it worthwhile in the very end. -w- As well as the storyline that comes with it. From saving a race from extinction (Burning Crusade), to Stopping a King (Wrath of the Lich King), to saving the world (Cataclysm), and stopping an orc mad with power and greed (Mists of Pandaria), there's no better way of playing this...without friends. :meow:

The events that have taken place in The Swarming Eclipse were from place and vivid thinking. Keep that in mind when you see the next few chapters display or speak about locations. <w< Cause they were turning points for Ace.

Anyway, CIAO!! :P
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