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Want to see your art drawn by my hand? Come and see my journal for such things. XD…

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CRITIQUE THIS! by FlameTehLucario
by FlameTehLucario


It's me again, and I must say that YOU'RE IMPROVING GREATLY! In everything that I've seen, you really set the emotion for Lucario, sinc...

The Lily of the Winds by MythAreReal

Alright, I'll be very honest with this. I love how you chose the deer to be a fairy that can hide her wings when she's human. ^^ More i...

SL Cinder Calico by xXStoryWolfXx

When I look at her...I see so much power beyond her eyes. It's almost as if I'm looking at her, when I'm there on Mobius, and she's a h...

I shall return to WoW Folks! This time, bringing in Mists of Pandaria. Pics or no pics for progress? 

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FC Couples

Sonic Couples (Between the Artists I've come to know as friends)

Orusan:heart:Pamela - :iconxxsladedrifter208xx:

Donovan:heart:Nikki - :iconsonic8175:

Alistair:heart:Faith - :iconspeed-mikage:

Jayson (Non-SLC and alternate):heart:Artemis - :iconblackmoongang:



DOOMed Fursona II by Frozenvolf
DOOMed Fursona II
Finally...I'm actually taking the time to show vast improvement. In any case i did this because it's time to see if there IS a difference. Leave a comment so I could possibly get this thing digitized. LATER!!
Item Sets by Frozenvolf
Item Sets

Item Sets: (Follow the guidelines from each bit to get a better understanding)


Warrior: (Fully finished)(Plate Armor)
-The Bane of Scourge (Twin Greatswords)[Fury] Ragnaros' Demise (Greatsword)[Arms] The Blade of Admiral Proudmoore (Long Sword)[Protection]
-The Aged Defense (Shield)[Protection]
-Boots of the Undying (Boots)
-Timeless Combat Pants (Pants)
-Immortal Cage of the Warrior (Chest)
-Guardian Wraps (Gloves)
-Runic Bracers (Wrist)
-Crown of Terenas Menethil (Head)
-Grand Shoulder Wraps (Shoulder)

Paladin: (Plate Armor)
-The Forgotten Hammer of Arthas [Holy and Retribution] The Restored Hammer of Uther [Protection]
-Light's Avenger [Protection]
-Boots of the Savior
-Legguards of Sanctity
-Light of Zann's Hope
-The Restored Grips of Faith
-Divine Cuffs
-Circlet of Truth
-Uther's Hidden Guard

Death Knight: (Plate Armor)
-Restored Blade of Frostmourne [All]
-Arthas' Lost Chain Boots
-Unholy Guards of Kel'Thuzad
-The Frozen Heart
-Plagued Grips
-Doomed Bracers
-Helm of the Fallen Lich King
-Mal'Ganis' Spiteful Touch

Hunter: (Mail Armor)
-Sylvanas' Lost Bow [All]
-Ghoul Stompers
-Restored Elven Legguards
-Blessing of Tyrande Whisperwind
-Hunter's Insight
-Accurate Bracers
-The Sniper's Targeting Gear
-The Ancient of War's Fragmented Bark

Mage: (Cloth Armor)
-Jaina's Forgotten Staff [All]
-Frostwoven Shoes
-Embersilk Kilt
-Robe of Antonidas
-Archmage's Gauze
-Arcane Wraps
-Cloak of Kel'Thuzad
-The Underking's Wisdom

Rogue: (Leater Armor)
-Uncovered Blades of Sylvanas [All]
-Silent Boots
-Bloodied Pants
-Assassin's Whisper
-Grips of Deceit
-Hidden Bracers
-Strahnbrad's Fall
-Ravenholdt's Prized Shoulderguards

Priest: (Cloth Armor)
-Antonidas' Regenerative Staff [All]
-Shadowed Steps
-Blessed Legguards
-Vindicated Robe
-Empowered Gloves
-Jaina's Imbued Wraps
-Dalaran's Hope
-Sanctified Shoulderguards

Shaman: (Mail Armor)
-Thrall's Restored Hammer [All]
-Earthen Stompers
-Watered Pants
-Burning Chestguard
-Baine's Recovered Gloves
-Vol'jin's Hexed Bracers
-Thrall's Lost Helm
-Tsaanza's Restored Shoulderguards

Warlock: (Cloth Armor)
-Kael'Thas' Burning Wisp [All]
-Demonic Ankleguards
-Voidwalker's Legguards
-Illidan's Wraps
-Kil'Jaeden's Lost Gloves
-Imp Bracers
-Magtheridon's Cloak
-Felbeast's Shroud

Druid: (Leather Armor)
-Springrain's Bark [All] (Staff)
-Nature's Ankleguards
-Elune's Might
-Stormrage's Cover
-Fenris' Gloves
-Ursa's Bracers
-Medhiv's Prophetic Cloak
-Pythas' Scales

Monk: (Leather Armor)
-Chen's Walking Staff
-Aysa's Boots
-Misty Breeches
-Master Xi's Robe
-Ji's Wraps
-Mudmug's Bracers
-Chen's Traveling Hat
-The Emperor's New Shoulderguards
Level up Chart for WoP by Frozenvolf
Level up Chart for WoP
Self explanatory once you get the hang of it. This is also a rough may be changed at ANY TIME.

Level up Stats-

Base Stats-                                                                                      Melee Stats-
Stgth:         +4   (+1 if not Warrior, Paladin, nor DK)         Dmg:        +1-1.5
Agty:          +1    (+4 for Rogue and Monk)                             Speed:      +0.01
Stma:          +3   (+2 for Mages, Druids, and Warlocks)   Pwr:        (see Strength)
Int:           +2 (Paladin,Druid, and Shaman)                  HtRt:       +2
Spt:           +3 (Paladin,Druid, and Shaman)                  CrtCh:      +0.22%
Armr:          +5    (+2-4 depending if the character is wearing Cloth, Leather, or Mail)                                  

Spell Stats-                                                                            Defence Stats-
Bonus Dmg:             + 2-4      (+3-5 for Warlocks and Mages)      Armor: (See Base Stats)
Bonus Healing:       +3-5 (+6-10 for Priests, Paladins, and Druids)    
                                                                                                              Def:  Unchanged (+3 if a shield is worn)
HitRate:             Unchanged                                                                     Dodge:  +0.6%
CritChance:           +0.6%                                                                                Parry: +0.8% (+1% w/ shield)
Haste Rate:                ADV                                                                       Block: +0.5%
                                                                                                                          Resilliance: +0.4

Ranged Stats-                                    
Dmg:        +1-3                                      
Speed:             Unchanged                  
Power:             (See Agility)                            
HitRate:       +3                                  
CritChance:              +0.55%  
Ragefire Chasm

Your Mission, should you accept this, is to intercept any Twilight Hammer activity and bring them to an end by any means necessary. You must be prepared and ready to fight the overwhelmingly powerful Elite forces. The character must meet the prerequisite in order to enter this Dungeon:

-The character must be Level 15
-The character must have the best equipment currently possible

The reward for completing the dungeon will be a Rare Equipment

-Tumultuous Cloak
-Enumerated Wrap (Cloth)
-Earthbound Girdle (Leather)
-Vigorous Belt (Mail)

The items listed WILL be given to you randomly...and only one will become yours. In example, if you were allowed to wear Leather, you'd either have the chance to either get the Earthbound Girdle OR the Tumultuous Cloak. Think of it as a game of chance.

Nevertheless, the item in question will give stat improvements regardless of it being Cloth, Leather, or Mail.
Ragefire Chasm (Chapter 1: A Disturbance)
This is for Dungeon purposes. :icondafuqplz: Used for World of Pawcraft.
WoP Arcane by Frozenvolf
WoP Arcane
Name: Arcane Mechalis
LVL:  2
Speicies: Mobian Alsatian
Class:  Protection Paladin

Base Stats-                                            Melee Stats-
Stgth:              8          +2                               Dmg:                 4-8
Agty:               11                                        Speed:             5.06
Stma:              12        +6                                 Pwr:                    8
Int:                   16                                        HtRt:                   7
Spt:                  7                                         CrtCh:                          9.27                   %
Armr:              38                                        Expertise:          ADV

Spell Stats-                                          Defence Stats-
Bonus Dmg:           0                              Armor:               38
Bonus Healing:        0                            Def:                     7
HitRate:                8/9                                  Dodge:              8.05%
CritChance:          4.44%                                Parry:                 ADV
Haste Rate:              0%                             Block:                ADV
Mana Regen:             25+6                           Resilliance:          ADV

Ranged Stats-        N/A (All)                  Skills-
Dmg:                             -                                 ~ Crusader Strike
Speed:            .                                               ~
Power:                  9                                        ~
HitRate:                0                                         ~
CritChance:                9. 87    %                      ~

(If you're confused, it's World of Pawcraft. owo The pic was made by the admin of the group :iconshadeookami: )

Haters gonna hate, for those that think WoW can't be a crossover with Sonic. I've seen a Worgen Sonic...on here......Go look it up. ewe

*AHEM* In all seriousness, you peeps should join :iconworld-of-pawcraft: Because one, it'd be LIKE World of Warcraft...but with Mobians and such. Two, You'd get to be part of something greater- in retrospect to taking down some of the hardest baddies...:iconarthasplz::iconillidanplz::iconragnarosplz:

However, there is one rule to the Group...We don't accept Overpowered characters (Unless you talk to us and that they are nearly to completely nerfed for the consideration of all). It makes things really unfair to the rest.

Anyway PEACE. -w-

YouTube News

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 11, 2014, 7:42 AM
So I decided to do something with my gameplay of World of Warcraft. ^^ So if you're possibly interested, come take a look on my channel. You will be somewhat bored through the first 14 levels. ^^; I could almost guaranteed that, but there IS a Storyline upon the character I've created, chosen, and am playing. It's about 40 minutes along and is the First Chapter to a new beginning. Please take a look. If you don't know my channel name, that's perfectly okay. :D It's the same name as my dA channel. If you would like to see the World of Warcraft Video, click here

There's also a Warcraft 3 Fail Video on what NOT to do. (It's...not all that good I suppose, but feel free to check it out.

Peace. :D

CSS by Icy-Marth
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My LoL Characters I use

Lucian -
Jax -
Volibear - (Not the default skin)
Warwick -
Wukong - (Illusions are neat)
Thresh -
Kennen -
Rumble -
Last but not least...
Twisted Fate -



Easter Egg by Frozenvolf

I could go by many names, like Arcane and Orusan......but you can call me Chris.
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Progress Bar 05 by Pikishi - Flat Coloring Started/Completed [Edit]
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Hiya, folks!! :wave: I've been thinking about it for a long while, and...I want to say that each and every one of you are great in your expression towards art. For those that can't think of what to do for art...lemme see if I can help you out.

You see, in my eyes it's all about inspiration. Whether you're creating a masterpiece or writing a grand story, it all starts with a thought. During that point of time, you'd be stumped on what to do until you take a look out there in the world and see the beautiful landscape. If that doesn't work, try listening to some music...any music to start it off. That music, or the beautiful landscape, would fill the well of inspiration until it's begging to be used.

That is what I think of Inspiration unto art...thank you and have a nice day. :wave:


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