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Want to see your art drawn by my hand? Come and see my journal for such things. XD…

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CRITIQUE THIS! by FlameTehLucario
by FlameTehLucario


It's me again, and I must say that YOU'RE IMPROVING GREATLY! In everything that I've seen, you really set the emotion for Lucario, sinc...

The Lily of the Winds by MythAreReal

Alright, I'll be very honest with this. I love how you chose the deer to be a fairy that can hide her wings when she's human. ^^ More i...

SL Cinder Calico by xXStoryWolfXx

When I look at her...I see so much power beyond her eyes. It's almost as if I'm looking at her, when I'm there on Mobius, and she's a h...

I shall return to WoW Folks! This time, bringing in Mists of Pandaria. Pics or no pics for progress? 

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FC Couples

Sonic Couples (Between the Artists I've come to know as friends)

Orusan:heart:Pamela - :iconxxsladedrifter208xx:

Donovan:heart:Nikki - :iconsonic8175:

Alistair:heart:Faith - :iconspeed-mikage:

Jayson (Non-SLC and alternate):heart:Artemis - :iconblackmoongang:



The entire ship was ablaze in alarms as we were all staying close together to make sure no one was left behind. Down the halls of the Hyperion we ran as they heard the clanking of footsteps behind them, which meant they were slowly getting closer and closer and soon to be captured...or so I thought. Rafa soon quickly finds all of us a room to stay in until it was all over for the most part. All of us scurry into the bay as the clanking footsteps pass all of us, while having a view of space above and on the side. The fact remained that there was a rather nice looking turret on it, ready to be used, which made Aly go to it and strap herself into the cockpit seat.

"WHEEEEEEEEE, Imma shoot the peeps with this!!" She squees, which made all of us chuckle or giggle from that. Suddenly, all of use felt utterly light as we all see the room length widening so fast, as we all go through a dizzying experience, the sound of a sonicboom heard as well as a seeming explosion behind us. All of us had felt it as we were coming close to a rather arid planet.

I grumble and look to it, blinking as my eyes widening; the theory I had in mind was literally right- We were aboard Hyperion and we were coming towards Mar Sara and that meant only one thing- It was the Holdout on the very planet itself from what I can remember, as it seemed that morning had come if we're this close to where they were. I look to Aly and smirk.

"Aly, if you shoot anything that's not metal, You'll get Flamethrower Cuffs made by me!" I say.

This caught her attention as she loved both fire AND shooting things. She looks straight ahead and readies her trigger fingers, ready to take down anything that wasn't metal. In a few seconds, a small holographic map appears as she looks to it, seeing tons of red dots, giving her what looked to be a twisted grin, "IMMA GET THOSE FLAME-Y CUFFS AND I'LL KILL YOU FUCKS!!" She squees and begins firing all over the place, whether in the air or on the ground as she carved a path.

The Intercom starts up again as a really familiar voice is heard, one that I know by heart at this point.

"Glad you could make it Matt. Cutting it kinda close aren't you?"

My eyes widen as I gently tremble, "...It's him...!" I grin, "...Commander James Raynor!!" I squee now.

It was then cut short by the sounds of tons of flyers in Aly's sights. Which was a bad move as she fired down nearly all of them in sight, but good for us as Aly seemed to be just having a blast.

Upon the ground of Mar Sara, anything that was utterly biological and NOT wearing a suit to make it look mechanical was decimated to chunks of their former selves, skewered and strewn across the metal flooring of the base where the Commander was at.

"WHEEEEEEEE!!" Aly squees as she then sees a blue button. She slowly presses it, having a cute face as missiles were fired, annihilating several more flyers from the sky from the impact in the skies above.

I had to chuckle at Aly as she was just having a blast. Slowly enough, that smile faded as Rafa, Emmie, Angy, and I see the door open as well as a gruff guy walk in, red hair, facial hair, orange mechanic equipment and clothing, the whole nine yards. He looks directly at Aly and began walking to her, in which Emmie stopped him.

"Don't even think about it." She said, "She's making more of a dent then those shooting."

"Oh yeh?" The guy snaps, "Prove me wrong."

She then drags the taller guy to the window and then shows the damage she had caused unbelievable damage towards the things crawling below and the chunks of the flyers falling to the ground in such a bloody manner, in which the guy blinks and nods softly.

"Alright fine, I get that your errr...friend is a marksman...but what the hell am I supposed to call you people?"

Rafa looks directly at the guy, "How about Mobians for the sake of chaos?" He growls, "And if you try to grab Aly again, I will give you a lesson worth remembering. The same goes for my girlfriend."

Angy clung to Rafa carefully as Ace stands, "Well you heard the Harewolf and Vixen, sir. Or do I need to step in and have a word too?" I toss up a small cube as it quickly becomes a robotic cougar, growling and snarling to protect.

The guy backs off, "Alright, Alright." He spoke, "...Look, how about we all start over?" He raised an eyebrow, "...Name's Swann. I'm the guy that works with the tech for whom I work with, and that's James..."

I blink and raised a hand, " you mean James Raynor?"

Swann looks at them, "Yes...and how do you know?"

"...It's......a long story."
SC: The Journey pt. 3
Yep! XD I'm continuing this bad boy because this should be good to begin with. And I made Aly herself a badass with that gun because...well I know her a little too well. ewe. ENJOY!!

I've been a busy bee

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 16, 2015, 6:43 PM

Okay so first off...this new Journal Skin. Even though it's rated Mature on TV, it's a really good series to get into due to one teen being framed and forced through hell. SO, go and see it when you get a won't go unrewarded.

Anyway, onto the main course!! I give you two recent recordings that I did this month as they belong to the rising star game that most don't know about (Or I could be wrong). I give you, VINDICTUS!!

This was the first ever recording I did back a week ago, and it wasn't converted from an AVI file to MP4. Yeeeeaaaaaah. But I'm still happy that I got this going (Thanks to a really good friend for suggesting a great Video Converter)

And here's Round 2 against th- Wait, it's already written in the YT Description...^^; Anyway, I will make more. ENJOY!

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Fairy Tail - Ace Mechalis by Frozenvolf
Fairy Tail - Ace Mechalis
Yaaaaaaay I did a Human thingy 8I CAN IT AND EAT IT ALL HATERS.

Love you all qAq

News of my whereabouts

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 13, 2015, 11:56 PM
Hello everyone! I'm deeply sorry for the huge absence sessions that you've been experiencing, hoping for more things from yours truly...that is, IF you're still curious. I know that some of you are and I understand that the rest are simply busy with their own works. Hey, how can I lash out to them and say they don't care? Seriously, if they're busy, they're busy with something that's on their mind, or perhaps with the ideas that are storming in their masterpiece heads.

Now, putting that aside I know that I've done a lot of Sonic Artwork over the past...3 1/2 - 4 years, but during that time I keep seeing the Sonic Fandom slowly growing out of control, tons of people creating Mary-Sue Characters (Not sure if I have any but just in case, I may have 1 on me and will work on him/her ^^; ) , perhaps incredible feats that make people question the creator if what he/she did was okay.

I mean sure, they want to show the potential that their character has, I get it. I've been there, done that (and unfortunately I do that from time to time :facepalm: But then again, I'm trying to curb that sonuvabitch problem.

Coming back to the Sonic Fandom, I've made my decision to start leaving the Fandom and perhaps try my hand at Anime. Now, this does NOT mean I'll start hating the Fandom, for several reasons, but it just means there will be more human sketches done over Mobian Sketches. Most of you may be shocked when you read this but,'s better now to see this and not question why I'm not doing Mobian things later.

In other news, my Toshiba had crashed its Virtual Adapter, frying the damn thing and rendering the WiFi Capability USELESS :facepalm: I honestly can't help being a gamer, enjoying things like League of Legends, World of Warcraft and a few other games. But now that I've got another laptop (and with a Standard Gaming Processor to boot) ready to go, I've returned home. Now keep in mind, I'm trying to swing back to here so...stay patient.

Alright, I'm gonna go to sleep now since it's F***ING 1 AM over here. This guy needs to sleep and so does the fish.


.........Alright I'm gonna go now.

walks away and chased after a blue flying cat "HAPPY GET THE HELL BACK HERE!!"

(Brought to you by Oddworld.

Oddworld -  You're gonna die Clown)

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Throughout the night, I had began hearing insatiable screaming within my dream as I could barely see anything but smoke or perhaps fire past the smoke, all of which were calling for me. I look around as my vision was slowed, surrounded by humans that were dressed in what looked like really advanced astronaut equipment, donning a deep blue color with a symbol, almost......almost like the one I recognize from a game that I would normally play!!

I quickly wake up in the middle the night and look outside, noticing that it wasn't the same- I wasn't looking out and seeing a building opposite of where we were...I was looking outside into the deep void of space! Space!!

Sure enough, I quickly sit up and come to the window, trying to confirm my suspicion. Looking all around through said window, I see the stars and everything in between. It was a sight to behold and a grand one to boot. Rarely anyone can see the stars themselves through the training of NASA, let alone be chosen as well as your friends and family. It just seemed really strange that this was happening all of a sudden.

Knowing something really bad was up, I gently shake Emmie in a hurry, "Errrr, Honey...Honey!"

She slowly wakes up and yawns, hang a bit of bedhead. She looks at me with sleepy eyes, "...You dork..." she mutters jokingly, "...What's wrong? Did the Fusebox go out again?"

I frown and shake my head, pointing to outside. She looks outside and slowly awakens from the stupor both of us had. She grabs my shoulders and looks at me with slightly widened eyes, "What the hell happened?!" she demands, "How did we get aboard this......well whatever this thing we're in...but HOW?!" She showed that her emotions were getting in a bunch, which means she may have anxiety coming up sooner than ever.

Quick enough, I hold her close and rub her back ever so tenderly, trying to calm her down and everything. In a sudden moment, an alarm blazed over us with a voice.


My eyes widen to the last word spoken in that warning: Hyperion. That was a major problem and how all of them went from sleeping in the apartment complex they all called home to a spaceship that he perhaps only knew about between all five of them, which was rather kinda good, but really bad. If this was the Hyperion that would be seen on the loading screen on his own laptop.

Soon enough, he gets himself dressed and gently kissed her, "Stay here. I'll go and check." I say. She looks at me with a 'Oh hell no' look while shaking her head. "I'm going with you Ace." She interjects, "I may be a girl, but I'm not a weak damsel in distress...not by ANY means."

I blink, "Right then...get dressed and on your go."

She nods and grabs her casual clothing, while my phone began ringing. I grab the phone from the nightstand and see that Aly is calling. I answer it and clear my throat, "Talk to me Aly. What's going on?"

'Ace what the hell is going on?! I can't burn his belongings if I don't know where I placed my stash of crap!'

I clear my throat again and hold the phone, "...Aly...if you're on the ship as well...would Rafa and Angy be aboard as well?"

'Yep!!' Came the random cheerful tone.

As much as I wanted to laugh at that response, then it means the five of us were aboard the famed Hyperion itself...which means we were in the Capital Ship of Raynor's Raiders, as well as him being aboard...HIM being the leader of Raynor's Raiders. I nod quietly and come back to reality, "Aly, thanks for letting us know that all of us are safe. We'll meet up soon."

'Okie dokie!'

The phone call ends as Emmie came to me, fully dressed and ready to go. She looks to me and had a soft smirk, "...So are you ready to go my love?"
SC: The Journey pt. 2
[More witty stuff]

I've been a busy bee

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 16, 2015, 6:43 PM

Okay so first off...this new Journal Skin. Even though it's rated Mature on TV, it's a really good series to get into due to one teen being framed and forced through hell. SO, go and see it when you get a won't go unrewarded.

Anyway, onto the main course!! I give you two recent recordings that I did this month as they belong to the rising star game that most don't know about (Or I could be wrong). I give you, VINDICTUS!!

This was the first ever recording I did back a week ago, and it wasn't converted from an AVI file to MP4. Yeeeeaaaaaah. But I'm still happy that I got this going (Thanks to a really good friend for suggesting a great Video Converter)

And here's Round 2 against th- Wait, it's already written in the YT Description...^^; Anyway, I will make more. ENJOY!

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Hiya, folks!! :wave: I've been thinking about it for a long while, and...I want to say that each and every one of you are great in your expression towards art. For those that can't think of what to do for art...lemme see if I can help you out.

You see, in my eyes it's all about inspiration. Whether you're creating a masterpiece or writing a grand story, it all starts with a thought. During that point of time, you'd be stumped on what to do until you take a look out there in the world and see the beautiful landscape. If that doesn't work, try listening to some music...any music to start it off. That music, or the beautiful landscape, would fill the well of inspiration until it's begging to be used.

That is what I think of Inspiration unto art...thank you and have a nice day. :wave:


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Eclipse018 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there! Sorry to be such a bother! But I really want to know if you have received my note, it's kinda important...just...message me when you can please. XD 
Frozenvolf Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015  Professional Writer
I am so sorry about that Eclipse. I keep getting Sidetracked. GAH!! XU
Eclipse018 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's quite alright! Just getting a bit worried. XD
Frozenvolf Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Professional Writer
I apologize since my last laptop's Virtual Adapter (AKA The WiFi Gatekeeper) basically fried and I had to get a refurbished but utterly brand new laptop
(1 Reply)
Eclipse018 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! If I could take a bit of your time, I would like to talk to you about our rp's, I think I have an idea...if you still like to rp of course...
Frozenvolf Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Professional Writer
Well of course Eclipse :) I've come back from Cali and I was resting up. As for the idea, I would love to hear it! :D
Eclipse018 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's awesome! I'm glad you had time to relax. ^^
See in reality, I seriously have no more ideas for the other rp's we have. So I was thinking of bailing on them and start on this one rp. So the setting is in a country ruled by dictatorship, and there's pretty much no freedom. No religion, or music or anything unique, pure propaganda. So there is someone by the name of V who wears a mask and had a huge plan to set the country free. Then one night, he would hear a woman scream and that's where he kinda finds the love of his life. The woman was being bothered by police officers as they were "playing around" with her. So he saves her, but in return let's her see one of the most political buildings explode. After that they don't see each other again, then they meet again. but when V goes as a suicide bomber. After his plan was finished and he was about to go, someone stops him and that's where his love comes and helps him. The cop then knocks her out and V obviously kills the cop. V then sees her and takes her with her to his hideout. But when she wakes up, he tells her she can't leave because the government are both after them now. The rest us up to us. ^^ Let me know if you like to rp this or not. :D
Frozenvolf Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Professional Writer
Eclipse ouo THAT is a brilliant idea!! ^^ I am really down for this RP
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Hegebat Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Long time c:
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