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Chris (冷凍ウルフ)
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("A Hero must never back down, fighting to his or her final breath. Never forget of your ultimate purpose in life as it will be you who will overcome yourself.")

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"You called in the Thunder...Now reap the Whirlwind!":iconarcanelaskuralaplz:


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Upon Azeroth's own world, west of Stormwind and the Eastern Kingdoms, lies the land of Kalimdor- home of the Horde and with the swift winds of wisdom related to the lands of Shamanism in Thunder Bluff, the second home to the Horde. The time was slowly reaching the evening, with the sun halfway peaking over the bluffs leading to Stonetalon Mountain. Under the High Chieftain of the bull-like men and women known as Tauren, Baine Bloodhoof knelt before a totem which was small- upon the ground rather than very high up to where the village lay atop. The totem showed no real value to most, to all but the Tauren- some were used to mark the locations of the dead that fought vicariously to protect their beloved people and for the Horde...namely, his father, Cairne Bloodhoof- one of the major councilmen of the Horde, voice of reason, and close friend to the World Shaman Thrall. Inevitably, he took the burden of leading his people on the right path, when his father had been challenged by the Warchief of the Horde- at the time- Garrosh, son of Grommash Hellscream. What wasn't expected was the sabotage of Magatha Grimtotem, elder crone of the Grimtotem Tribe of which hungered for power over wisdom and ancestry. She had poisoned him before the challenge as she wanted utter control of Thunder Bluff itself, for the Grimtotem to take and thrust the unworthy out by force and by death.

Several years had passed since that day, the day he united his people under one hoof and under one sight- to see the people have what they would need while offering protection to those that cannot fight. Slowly, he sighed as his eyes were shut, knowing the burden of leadership much like his father as it had been eight years since his unfortunate departure. Even as such was the case, he knew gripping to the past would cause himself to be aloof from his own self, from the council, and from those that look up to him for guidance. "Nechi ich towateke ki hale chi, Cairne..." He said softly, "Pawene ichnee pawene." He slowly stood as he had set a Peacebloom next to the Totem. "Never will I forget the lessons you have taught me for so long..."

The breeze slowly slips by as well as a warmth near him- this was well known as with each passing, the ancestors would grant guidance to those that would need it, or to show comfort in their hearts that the ways of old hold to this day while watching over each and every new generation, as is such the cycle of life. He smiled faintly before gazing to a nearby tree, as where a hooded stranger sat underneath its shade, enjoying an apple. However, from where he sat, a small pool of blood had ebbed and darkened from being there for a while, and from his sight, he could see crimson colored ears poking out from the hood, as well as a tail near the pool of blood- colored just like the ears with a tuft of snow white at the tip. Knowing that it could be an enemy, he stood and goes for the totem on his back- slowly he approached the stranger, sight narrowed upon the threat. However, when the stranger rustled the cloak around him, the sight of a metal arm was seen, and without a doubt the seal of Gazlowe himself- Gazlowe is the Leading Engineer for Goblin Tech and have helped the creation of their Capital, Orgrimmar, along the way of creating Garrisons for the Horde. From time to time, he can be a real cheapskate but with gold shown and'd better believe he will deliver the goods posthaste. How he had Goblin Tech was quite confusing as well as unnerving to say in the least, along with the question of how Gazlowe and the former people of Kezan could trust a stranger like him. The stranger then looks to Baine with light blue eyes, as well as a soft smile, "Ish-ne-alo por-ah..." He said softly.

He stops and lowered his Totem, "...You...know Taurahe...?"

"Well err...just a little- I'm only a Novice at that stuff but I still could learn if I had the patience and understanding. But you just seems I can't ever really get the hang of it."

"Oh really...and how do you have that arm?"

"Hm?" The stranger looks to his right arm, "...Oh this? Well, if I may explain all started thirty-seven hours ago atop what was a pretty impressive mountain called err...oh shoot what was it..." He grumbles and sighed, "A-Anyway..."

--37 HOURS AGO...--

The stranger stood in the vicinity of a rather impressively large and tranquil tree, as he looks to the rim of the region- as to where it was quite livid with boiling lava, south of the tree. It confused him since that was the only location that was tempered with such oddities that were rather dark and menacing. His sight narrowed as a rather large entity breached the boiling lava, colossal even from the distance while holding an impressive hammer. Nevertheless, the stranger then lookd down, as the incline descent was steep- perhaps too steep of an angle. With that said, he then began to walk the right path towards the location that reeked of death, doom, and destruction- but to him? A walk in the park. However, his ear gently twitched upon hearing a shout in distress from that very location down there. His eyes narrow before jumping over the ledge and freefalling downwards into what seemed like imminent death- but he wasn't average at all while grabbing limbs of each tree nearby, swinging outward and repeating himself until there were no trees nearby, landing upon the hardened black ground with the colossal being swinging his hammer down, barely missing a small green man with a sack full of strange ore. Finally, the man tripped and slid for a little, surrounded by several giants made of molten rock with the deep baritone laugh coming from the being.

"And you think you're going with my Obsidium...?" It spoke, " have little to no discipline in belongings of my domain." He slowly raised his hammer up to the highest it can go, laughing rather wickedly, "...Die..." He brings the hammer down as the man could do nothing but close his eyes and pray for a miracle to happen right about now.

That miracle comes true, just as an entire dome made of ice appeared over the man and was dealt the blow- instead of it melting, the broken dome then proceeds with shattering and striking the molten giants down for the count. The colossal being lurched back from seeing the ice, witnessing its odd color black bestowed inside each shard, "...What trickery is this?" It growls.

"This ain't no's merely the will of my own."

The man opens his eyes as he turns around, seeing the Stranger behind him, facing the one still in lava. The colossal being stared him down to where most would cower from his sheer size and glare alone, all the while dying from what seemed like immense power- however...the stranger was different still. "What sort of freak...are you?" The colossal titan narrowed its sight as it swung for him this time, the man letting out a squeal in terror, which sounded a little...woman-like but who could blame him? The stranger smirked as the giant hammer came in contact with what sounded like metal. The being let out a grunt in surprise as the stranger was actually somehow matching his own power, "You...are no what are y-?"

"Oh shut your mouth..."

The being growls as the stranger took his hood off, revealing the crimson fur, light blue eyes, as well as his weapons of choice- Warglaives strangely encased in ice, albeit a thin layer. "I am really tired of you all thinking you're so powerful." He narrowed his sight, "Power is but an illusion that many seem to believe grasping- only to be taken down by the Davids that topple each Goliath that call themselves powerful. And then there's you, picking on this one..." He sliced the air twice, "That shit pisses me off so tell you what? Leave right now...and I'll make sure to look the other way."

The stranger was then smashed by the hammer as the Man went wide-eyed.

"Hmph...filthy low-worm of society, believing to be equals to gods..." He then lets out a loud laugh, before hearing his hammer crack. He then brings it up, his weighted stone of a mallet slowly splits in half with the stranger bleeding on his head, his side, and left arm. "How...this cannot be possible!"

"Alright, you sonuvabitch..." The stranger smirks, "Don't say I didn't warn you." He then leaps at the being, slicing into the magmatic body as it suddenly cools and hardens, showing signs of the same black ice. The being screeched in pain as the man watched in utter surprise, witnessing someone he's never met...take down who is a god with such ease.

The stranger lands behind the being, jackknifed and leaps back at him, slicing into his shoulder as it repeats the process for a few times, before the being retreats back into the lava to live another day. The stranger was then standing a little distant from the man, slowly dropping his glaives from the excess of blood loss regardless of winning, "Heh......that...actually hurt..." He smirks before laying back, just as the man was in his sight, watching as his metal arm slowly began smoking.

"Ah jeez pal, ya really put yourself through hell." The man grumbles, "Why risk your life to save me? What was in it for me to begin with?"

"How about your life?" The stranger spoke, "...And there wasn't a catch. All I can say is that you were spared the inevitable fate of you can live another day."

The man blinks, rubbing his green bald head, gently tweaking with his pointy ears, and slowly sighing, "...Ya got Guts kid...I'll give ya that." He looks at him, seeing him go unconscious, "Ah crap..." He brings out a device that looked like a walkie-talkie, "Errr, HQ come in. This is Gazlowe. I've got the minerals needed, and I've a casualty near my location."

'Gazlowe this is Fluxwrench. I hear ya loud and clear- now where are ya?'

"Oh don't play stupid with me. We needed Obsidium, so I'm in the godforsaken Firelands. Buddy, I nearly died from freaking Ragnaros, just to be saved in the nick of time by a stranger."

'Huh? What do ya mean?'

"JUST get the rescue plane here STAT. I'll explain when we arrive."

'Alright, Alright, don't get your miserly nose in a bunch. We're comin' for ya"

--13 HOURS AGO...--

The stranger groans slowly as his head was pounding from pain, eventually putting his right hand on his head. He sits up carefully as he opens his eyes, blinking as he looks around while seeing the place a little bleak, industrial looking with a little bit of pollution within the water and air. He coughed softly as he stands, cringing as he looks down, bandaged up in a semi-makeshift, semi decent way. He blinks as he sees his Warglaives leaning next to his 'bed' and carefully sheathing them on his back. He grabs a crutch before slowly limping out of the tent. He looks around as a few Goblins look to him, raising an eyebrow as to wonder where he came from, or to perhaps if he was friend or foe. Nevertheless, he turns and walks on dry land, around the polluted water towards the edge, finally breathing in fresh air. He looks down for a bit as one of his wounds had reopened from him walking about. He cringed slightly from the pain it gave but slowly moved on.


He stops as the same guy walks over to him and smirked, "Kid, you've got guts. I know I said that before, but c'mon...that was actually pretty good. Where'd ya learn how to fight like that?"

The stranger blinks, "...Well err...I learned all of what you saw from a friend of mine."

"And what yer saying is that ya learned how to be so powerful from that friend?"

"...As...I mentioned when facing that......thing...I had mentioned Power is but an illusion- the real power however lies within one's own heart to give determination, while under constant watch by discipline."

"Hmph...Mumbo Jumbo if you ask me. But that aside, what are you anyway? Ya don't look like no experiment, nor an Alliance. Wait're using a trinket, right?"

The stranger sighed quietly, "...Listen...I'm just a Foxwolf that literally kicked that thing's ass to and from,, I'm not what you believe me to be via assumption."

"If you say so." Gazlowe raised an eyebrow, "But I came to check up on ya, because the Warchief wanted ta see you- to meet you, I guess."

He blinks again, "...Warchief...? I'm......taking a guess that's your err...leader?"

"Damn straight skippy." He smirks, "Anyway, follow me."

-- --

After walking a small distance, The stranger and Gazlowe come inside a great building as rather tall, green, and buff people stand by. They let the two pass by as what seemed like a Council was in session, stood close by as a troll with the look of wisdom about him looked simply to the stranger, watching him look from left to right. Gazlowe then looks to the Troll, "And here he is yer Majesty, the freakin' one who saved yours truly." He then leaves the stranger's side as the Troll slowly stands and walked to him. He brings out a rather head-sized four-bladed star. He holds it close as the blades extend to its doubled state, tossing it at him before the blade was caught by two fingers. The council look at the stranger in disbelief, knowing that the Warchief literally throws those at inhuman speeds, quicker than a bullet too! The stranger looks to the star before walking to the troll, turning the star to where neither get stabbed.

"Heh...not bad mon." He said, "Gazlowe seems to have told the truth. What be your name since he never got it?"

The stranger blinks before rubbing the back of his neck, "......Arloc."

The Troll laughs, "...Arloc eh? First time dat name be mentioned. Name's Vol'jin...and I be leading the horde. Mess with me...ya be messing with de Voodoo."

"...Riiiight." He cleared his throat, "...Listen...with all due respect...where am I exactly?"

"Why you be in tha Horde Capital- Orgimmar, mon. Simply put, this place was built over a decade ago, when ya be learning how ta fight."

Arloc blinks and grumbles, "...Let me set the record straight, okay? I'm...literally forty-one years old, I LOOK short...but I ain't short. In any case...I should be moving out- seeing as how some of your council doesnt' seem to take me kindly as a guest."

"Very well den. But ya be needing a place to rest up...and knowing ya don't breathe in the air these Goblins do, ah'm sending you to Thundah Bluff to be given a place ta stay- find Baine Bloodhoof mon...he set you up right."


Baine blinks as he sighed quietly, "...So those were the words of Vol'jin...didn't expect someone like you...or whatever you are, pardon come here unannounced initially. So if I'm getting this saved Gazlowe from Ragnaros...then met Vol'jin......and now he's asking you to ask me for a place to stay?"

"That's...pretty much it, yeah." Arloc blinks, "...Look, I know you don't seem to trust me...since we just met and all, but somehow your Warchief sees me as a guest...not sure how that works out, nor do I understand why...but yeah."

Baine blinks and slowly sighed, "......As I would refuse, it's the choice of the Warchief. For now, I will be watching over you. Any wrong movements...and I'll take you down."

The two look to each other, before slowly shaking hands. Baine then slowly leads the way to the lifts, which will take the two to the city of Thunder Bluff, city of Mulgore.
The Swarming Eclipse Chapter 17: God? What God?
...Welp, that's another character brought into this whole shlemeel... :iconderpplz: Okay so...where to begin on this? AH YES

Let's go with the fact I had been mainly focusing on Alliance as well as the Hyperion through and through...but what about the Horde, eh? They too share the same Azeroth- and after much consideration on my behalf for this, I decided why not since you get to see an improved style of Arloc. I'll post him shortly, SO BE GOD DAMN PATIENT!


...Sorry, err...a little stressed. *ahem* Anyway, I'm letting you know and telling you again- I'm not giving up on this story whatsoever. So enjoy the latest Chapter so far and get ready to head for Monlyth...cause YOU'RE ABOOUT TO SEE SHIET FLY O-O :iconsplatplz: ......*grumbles and slowly works on cleaning off the fly splat*

Characters used -

Ragnaros, Baine, Gazlowe, Vol'jin - :iconblizzardentertainmentplz:

Arloc - (Yours Truly)

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AND YOU GET THE POINT -_-;; But seriously, All rights go to Blizzard Entertainment.
SO! I was finally able to get Undertale last night. After seeing so many works of art all across Deviantart itself, I was ready for the game. However, unbeknownst to was created so different than what many would share witness to and I am happy they never spoiled it. In the end, I was touched deeply by the endings I have witnessed for Pacifist and TRUE Pacifist. I will never forget this game for as long as I live, reliving the same storyline each time to greet and welcome all in my heart. The creator, Toby Fox, is an astounding man to have given all of Undertale to the unknowing people young and old alike- And to be honest...I didn't expect the game to give so much...taking me by surprise each step of the way. THAT was when I started the game- and this is now......NOW, I feel an ache within my heart that beats proudly for the people I have befriended and for saving them from god. Within this 16-Bit Game...your life will change with how you play it every time. qwq 

And with that said, I see why so many praise Undertale for its style of gameplay- it goes by cause and effect methods in hand with the story itself. The people that share such art will always be able to tell the tale...THEIR Undertale.

Final Score: 15/10

Why that score? Because laws and emotions break. Like I said will get hit with a feels nuke no matter what.

Well ladies and gents, boys and head spins from seeing the ending- so I'm gonna go and enjoy life. KTHXBAI!
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Orusan - Power Overwhelming by Frozenvolf
Orusan - Power Overwhelming
Okay it may not look like he's going nuclear but FFS this was really enjoyable to sketch. And make this CLEAR, "Archon Orusan" is a simplified process of which where one breaks the Laws of Reality in terms of power. This can only be used for two minutes tops before it starts to destabilize one's own body and thus cause a rather small but violent implosion into itself when it becomes too much.

...Anyway, this was brought to mind when :iconeclipse018: and I were roleplaying- Riichi going and beating her Daze up again, Orusan discovering this and ready to go thermonuclear on his ass. >w> :iconevilonionplz: I know, I'm such an asshole on some folks that hurt people like Daze but when it pours heavily >_> Ready or not, here comes the friggin hell he's gonna put you through IF you dare to hurt any of his students whatso-fucking-ever. Oh? You mean you didn't know? o-o Hang on *lightly grumbles and rummages* Ah here we go. -w- Come on over here to read her work called Kunren de Hiro- The story goes as teenager Daze the Hedgehog, son of Blaze and Silver, must watch over his siblings as his mother is gone, and his father abandoned them (imo, he DID e^e) all the while to take them to school, pay rent, etc...all the while being on a real low budget. D: Changes will happen soon enough, but I INSIST you go and read her work damn it! XuX cause you will have the Feels Bomb go off. 

This way to Kunren de hiro --->…;

...:iconarcanelaskuralaplz: DO IT!!
Near Death by Frozenvolf
Near Death
"Oblivion Awaits" -…
(Play this song before you begin)

As I laid upon the blackened ground upon the world of Char, after a long and hard victory against holding the Zerg back to protect the artifact- a long and hard All In had been taken and victory was ours. However...during the chaos and ruckus, someone had come behind me and deliberately shot me...through my heart. I had gone wide-eyed to slowly look to the bloodied wound, slowly turning behind and seeing someone I never thought would betray us so easily, infiltrating our group and fully taking me out without a merciful thought. I never saw his face as it had been covered, truthfully enough, but to see his gun smoke from the bullet fired...was enough to make me realize it had to have been one of Mengsk's men- but the true fear that struck me was that it was one with an accent to match one which resonates a cowboy's own.

"Y'know...for a short bastard..." He spoke, "Ah should have taken you down fully upon Korhal when no one was looking. And now...I can remove the greatest threat to mankahnd..."

"...Y-...You..." I could only stutter as I cringe from the pain, "...He trusted you...and you will know his wrath..." I groan, ""

He smirks as he walks off, placing the spine shot from a Hydralisk near me to cover his guilt and prove he never shot him. Nevertheless, I could only fight the inevitable death- its cold embrace slowly enveloping me as my breath was slowly drawn its last. The faint sounds of gunfire still heard as  they whiz past my limp body, soon fading from life itself as my body grows cold.


Within the light, I slowly float towards the center as my eyes were the cold blue stare I had as a Death Knight, lifeless and endeavoring the pact of what the Lich King bestows all that were forced into service and of his power.

"You have have have resurrected as my agent..." the dark spirit said, clearly Arthas, "And will be born anew and no longer under the control of Tirion..." There was a faint laughter as he approaches

"I have lived life the way I wished..." I softly spoke, "...I lost my child...and what have I to prove I've gained other than the friends of the Counsel...and of the King and Warchief? All had been for naught as Stormwind will soon be overrun with the people I lead, as they have been fed up with my disappearance...I have lost my your worst..." I slowly lift my arms and accepted my renewed fate, to become one of his again- I would never know I would murder those I called friend- I will be an Outcast...and nothing could stop him this time.

"Away, you foul wretch!!"

The spirit of Arthas looks to his left as he was overwhelmed by a ball of fire, screeching in pain as it disappears. I slowly open my eyes as I felt a soft hand on my rugged cheek- and such a touch I could only know as my fallen wife; I look to her as she had a soft and tender smile, one I missed for so long and the only thing I could do was hug the spirit of my wife. I gently tear up and clench my eyes shut- was this real? Was this...reality that I've come back to? I could only question myself as a tear streams down my cheek as I choke my own wife's name, "...T-Tati..." I said weakly, barely showing a smile as I only wanted to hold her for the rest of time. Sadly...the moment had passed as she gently pushed me back, showing a small frown. 

"It is not your time yet Ace..." she said "...Your time will come......your friends need you..."

"But......T-Tati, I..."

"I know... she gently kissed my forehead as she now showed a weak smile, "You'll see will soon enough my love...go......know I always love you..."


I suddenly open my eyes as I take my breath once more, living as I looked to the cloudy and bleak atmosphere of Char. Slowly I raise my head as I felt so sore, obviously. How long I've been passed out I wasn't sure- but all I can sense was my limbs  trying to move and yet...they weren't able to make one inch off the ground nor in any other direction. I look around again until my gaze came upon a rose of the sweetest red, freshly cut from a garden. I slowly choke on my breath and realized Tatyana had given me something I would have never expected...and it was the same rose too, so small and fragile within my robotic fingers. I could care less if the smoldering heat nearby was burning and releasing gases into the air high above- all I could ever gaze upon was that very rose as it was the same one I gave to her on our very first date after relieving the world of the Ogre King in Dire Maul. How it came into my grasp I would never know- all I could do was smile so weakly as I teared up again, carefully grasping the rose more in my reach and hearing only her singing- her beautiful piano skills- and her violin work with an orchestra backing her up every step of the way. I could hear her clearly as I look to the skies again.

" wife......soon..." I said quietly as I look to the rose again.


GAH, FEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLS! ;______; Please tell me Ace wasn't the only one almost crying when reading the dialogue! PLEASE!

Anyway...this is artwork for The Swarming Eclipse far ahead (SO spoilers everyone, but I don't give a care) and it's my first pic in a long while and in the year 2016. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have all been so amazing over the years...I cannot express how much you've moved me from being alone to having friends. Thank you so much...I mean it from the bottom of my heart. (uwu

SO! I am also letting you know I haven't given up on The Swarming Eclipse, I just need a little more time. Be patient.

Tatyana - :iconwindclimber-9:

Ace - (Yours truly)

Everything else - Blizzard Entertainment (c)

All rights reserved for Blizzard Entertainment
"...Like they can't stay out for too long due to the high UV rays of the closest bright star." Dr. Hanson points out, "So they...just dig beneath the soil if needed to stay alive."

James nods as I step out, not in my usual armor...but in the new space marines set he had created, with a few minerals gathered from the depths of space on the shoulders as well as the image of Tatyana on my left shoulder, as well as an image of a rather impressive sword on the other. After he had finished the sketch, he uploaded it into the mainframe and began the specialized creation, saving it in another set of digitalized data in case Swann ever created damn good ideas in which he has- according to him of course. In any case, the entire set was perhaps white with a small trim of gold- which was sing a similar style of a Medic's gear with several modifications with my permission that would work better. In a way, it felt snug and firm at the same time- comfortable but sometimes stuffy. He looks over to me and blinked, "Heh...nice suit." he said as I smirk.

"Well I have Swann to thank since...well I don't know why he decided to make this for me since I'm normally one to refuse= but it's almost like something in my head was saying 'take the offer'. I'm not sure but I feel a little more comfortable with wearing this, as it reminds me of home in Stormwind." I then realize this was a mission debriefing, "Oh! Err...sorry, I'll shut it..." He cleared his throat as James turns back to the screen, "...Continue then Dr. Hanson."

She nods, "Well from appearance, this looks like there are only a few that stay far from changing towards becoming one of the infected. They may carry the virus, but they were the only lucky few that had a resisting immunity- in what I'm seeing, you'll need to send your men down to stop the infestation from spreading before it's too late."

He nods once more, "We'll make sure Meinhoff stays clear before we bring your remaining scientists back aboard so they can head out to a new world. I hate to see human extermination like this but there isn't much of a choice- and because of that, I will be sure to stop this in a few days."

"Thank you many people say much about you...only to be lies. They don't know the real you."

"I get that a lot to be honest." He blinks, "But you shouldn't thank me for helping your people evacuate Agria..." He then looks to me, "THIS is the one you can thank." He smirked.

She blinks, "You were the one that did the pillar of light?" She asks me as I simply nod, "...What are you exactly? You're not human and yet..."

"I'm err...well I'm an Alsatian madam." I said, "Strange as it sounds for someone like me to stand, speak, and much more...I am very much the real deal, as well as a Paragon and Councilman of the Alliance, while bringing Old Gods down for the count, Doombringers of a Cataclysm, ending the reign of one who's controlled a vast assortment of the Undead...literally another week on the job."

She could just simply blinked as she was surprised one that was short of 5 feet could do so much and be named one of the prestigious- literally she cleared his throat, "So and I know what to do. Let's hope we can save everyone in time for my people." she had a concerned look as the chat ends, making Jim look at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Old Gods...? Sounds like gibberish..." He said, which made me grin.

"Maybe I can tell you when I get back from Meinhoff- I should-"

"Not this time partner." James smiled softly, "YOU need to take it easy for a bit. I can do what I can with keeping my men safe and sound. In the meantime, I think we can talk a little more about your accomplishments since now I'm intrigued."

I slowly smirk, taking a look to Meinhoff as Matt walked in- raising an eyebrow as to why people were looking to me.

"Well...I won't lie in any way." I began as I took a seat, "Back before I became a Death Knight by force, I was one of the few chosen to assault the City of Kings in Northrend, meant for the Iron Dwarves- known as Ulduar. The place was literally huge in the closest term of what Augustgrad couldn't even relate to. And a few dwarves there? LITERALLY colossal." I chuckle softly, as I bring out a small glowing gem, tossing it up as it floats, showing things of Ulduar. "But to be fair, the ones that were normal sized were in mass quantity. But the things I witnessed there perhaps gave me an idea of what I could perhaps show one day, much like today. The first thing I could honestly say was that Ulduar was full of Inventors, as one of them created one known as "The Leviathan" for its sheer size. A Steam Tank to be fair...but it was quite the fight and well worth the challenge. Progressing onward, and inward, there was even one of which looked like it was made by the same person."


Meanwhile on Korhal, Mengsk was looking in the Engineering Bay next to the Factory in one of the closest bases as he was looking over his latest project, one in which that was specialized in the crystal he was given a week ago. In a way, he was grinning wickedly on the inside as he was seeing the project slowly come to life as he called it 'The Warrior'. Truly it was supposedly a giant metallic replica of what was known as a Zealot, known to be a real pain in the ass when charging in. Something he wanted to do with his new project was perhaps guard the next piece of the same artifact piece he lost on Mar Sara- to find more that would complete some sort of pillar-like creation. In any case, he looks to the nearest Engineer, "When will this one be ready?" He demands, "It will need to move out onto Tarsonis soon."

That same Engineer looks to Mengsk, "Well sir, from the way we have an accelerated process thanks to the crystal now powering your project, I'd say we will have it a few days tops."

He nods, "I see. This will be interesting to bear witness towards the end for the people that dare defy me." He smirks as he looks to the project and stood firm. "Awaken!"

On cue, it responds to his voice and only his- its eyes glowing bright red as it looks to Mengsk, gears whirring and steam gently puffing out. "Scan confirmed- Governor Arcturus Mengsk of the Dominion. I await your command." It spoke in a deep voice in which was clear for every able bodied person to hear. "What is your prime objective?" he demands.

"Prime Objective: Defend Korhal soldiers, Defend Xel'naga Artifact pieces, Destroy terrorist groups and rebels."

He grins softly, "Excellent." He then shows a picture of my beaten self, "Look at this carefully. I want you to specifically target this one as a High Threat."

The sound of gears whirring once more as its gaze stayed right on the picture, "Threat scanned. I will exterminate with Prejudice upon this target."

He grins a little more, " will become useful against him..."



I had shouted that last part before I basically had some of the crew in the Bridge looking at me, as if they were children and I was a grand storyteller. "I couldn't beat Yogg-Saron on the outside as he was protected- so the only choice was to assault him from the inside and proceed to stop him personally. And to make matters worse, it had delved into my mind to where I had to bear witness to facing a past memory. But I had to destroy any and all illusion to turn back the tide. What I had to do...was slice up the brain, in which I did since I didn't have much time before I would have gone insane and let him control me. Upon succeeding and watching as a portal open, it became that I was now able to kick that God of Death's sorry ass all over the floor. Victory was mine as he foretold of the future in which a Cataclysm struck the whole of Azeroth."

Matt was pretty much impressed as the vision ends, the crystal going back in my pocket. "...So you kill gods in your spare time?" He asked. "Nahhh...I mainly do what I can to protect the people that suffer the mere thought of death- with that said, I must tell the story of the Firelands another time. That is when I first met Muln Earthfury."

James smirks as he stands, "Well that wasn't too bad. Even more than what I would have presumed- hell, I didn't think those stories were true originally since they sounded so far-fetched but...after seeing that crystal portrayed the images of your story, I'm believing it more and more.'s time to get to work on Meinhoff."
The Swarming Eclipse Chapter 16: Before Meinhoff
So! I have decided to do this chapter before I go on a 2-day break from work. There may be more, I just need said inspiration to strike once more. You could make out what will happen next in the upcoming chapter. Meinhoff will not be a walk in the park as infected people from Agria will come and try to mutilate those that will cleanse it. SO BUCKLE THE @#$% UP! ewe

Mengsk, James, Matt - :iconstarcraft2plz:

Ulduar, Yogg-Saron - :iconworldofwarcraftplz:

Ace - Yours truly
SO! I was finally able to get Undertale last night. After seeing so many works of art all across Deviantart itself, I was ready for the game. However, unbeknownst to was created so different than what many would share witness to and I am happy they never spoiled it. In the end, I was touched deeply by the endings I have witnessed for Pacifist and TRUE Pacifist. I will never forget this game for as long as I live, reliving the same storyline each time to greet and welcome all in my heart. The creator, Toby Fox, is an astounding man to have given all of Undertale to the unknowing people young and old alike- And to be honest...I didn't expect the game to give so much...taking me by surprise each step of the way. THAT was when I started the game- and this is now......NOW, I feel an ache within my heart that beats proudly for the people I have befriended and for saving them from god. Within this 16-Bit Game...your life will change with how you play it every time. qwq 

And with that said, I see why so many praise Undertale for its style of gameplay- it goes by cause and effect methods in hand with the story itself. The people that share such art will always be able to tell the tale...THEIR Undertale.

Final Score: 15/10

Why that score? Because laws and emotions break. Like I said will get hit with a feels nuke no matter what.

Well ladies and gents, boys and head spins from seeing the ending- so I'm gonna go and enjoy life. KTHXBAI!
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